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In the Name of God

10 Bahman 1361 [30 January 1983]


Respected Head of the Investigator General of the Islamic Republic of Iran

With respect, I hereby inform you that I, Farhad Sedghi, have been serving at the Tehran Concrete Company for over eight years.  This company is currently under the Iranian National Industries Organization, and according to the law of commerce, it is operated as a public company.  During my service, particularly since the Revolution, I have been an honest and trustworthy servant and wholeheartedly sacrificed and worked hard, and have lost my youth and physical health in the path of performing my duties and serving this country.  These facts are reflected in my personnel file.  And although the employment law and the internal policies of the company are supposed to regulate the relationship [between the employer and] the employees, unfortunately, the board of directors of the Tehran Concrete Company, based on order number 8387, 29 Tir 1361 [20 July 1982], and with reference to the Restructuring of Human Resources in Ministries and Government Organizations Act, has dismissed me from service in the cruellest manner and contrary to the laws of the country and the guidance of the Imam, and without paying me my savings and lawful wages and earnings, all of which are recorded in the official documents of the company in my name, and they have prevented me from honest service to this country.

In the country of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is under the luminous religious laws and the sacred doctrine of Islam, it is befitting that divine justice and true justice extend their shadow over all of the people of the country.  Yet, unfortunately, such injustice has been inflicted upon me that it has caused my life and destiny and that of the members of my family to be thrown into severe turmoil and difficulties.  My appeals and requests for redress and numerous visits have thus far not borne any results.  Therefore, I request the following from the respected Head of the Investigator General:

  1. Allow me to return to my work so that I can continue my honest service to this country and people.
  2. Please issue the appropriate orders regarding payment of my savings and pension and preservation of all of my legal rights and earnings.


With respect, Farhad Sedghi


10 Bahman 1361 [30 January 1983]


[Official stamp with number and date]

Records office of the Investigator General

Date received: 10 Bahman 1361 [30 January 1983]

File number: Indicator 3-750