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14 Aban 1318 [6 November 1939]


For [the purpose of] seeking justice, I submit: I wonder if, in this period of justice and justice dissemination, when the light of equity of the Pahlavi Imperial Majesty—may our lives be sacrificed for him—has enlightened the arena of Iran, and assault on the people’s belief has been dying and has become abolished, it is right that I become prosecuted by the public prosecutor [magistrate] of Yazd because, according to my conscientious belief, I have made my Baha’i marriage contract and have reported it to the Ministry of Justice and the Census and Personal Status Registration Main Office, and the Land and Deeds Registry Office.

It is clear that in a nation where the believers of all religions are free, and objection to sacred and spiritual beliefs is not permitted, it is not [appropriate] that a group of people who are always the well-wishers of the government and the nation, who give preference to the national welfare rather than their own personal affairs, and the believers of the Baha’i Faith, who, from forty-three different countries, mention the sacred name of Iran with grandeur and splendour and wholeheartedly seek the majesty and glory of this ancient nation, be prosecuted for not lying and for truthfully stating their religious identity and admitting, “I am Baha’i”. This is why, in the name of justice and seeking fairness, I plead with your august person, to have such conscious hostility be dismissed, giving to the Baha’is the freedom of conscience and belief.

With the greatest respect,

Farhad Roshani



[Stamp at the left margin of the letter:]

Registry at the Office of the Prime Minister    

Number: 10393

Date: 20 Aban 1318 [12 November 1939]