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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Number: ----

Date: 15 Shahrivar 1363 [6 September 1984]

Name and Surname: Farhad Asdaghi Mamaghani


My Dear Roufia and Bashir,

[I am] offering heartfelt best wishes. Yesterday, the letter and the photos were received and were circulated amongst all present and caused great joy and delight. Bashir’s photos were included in an album with the photos of his peers.

[Please] thank mom for the dress she sewed for Bashir and say it looks a lot like a sailor’s [outfit]. It only needs a little sailor’s hat. Please convey my greetings to your dear mother; I hope she is getting better. And convey my abundant greetings to dear Farzad and Hamid and also to every close and far member of the family. If you could, please send me a picture of May and Omid.

I am feeling well and am very delighted. I spend most of my time studying, learning Arabic, reading the newspaper, praying and sometimes walking outside and exercising.


The address of the sender: Evin Prison, Training Hall number 3 – Room 75 – Farhad Asdaghi Mamaghani, son of Hasan


I kiss all your beautiful faces, one by one.