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In the Name of God


Dated: 17 Bahman 1385 [6 February 2007]


Respected Advisor to the Minister of Science and Higher Education

With respectful greetings, it is hereby conveyed that the authorities in charge at the University of Shiraz are refraining from enrolling my, Faramarz Naddafiyan’s, daughter, Sara Naddafiyan Ghamsari, who passed the University National Entrance Examination for the year 1385 in second place in the field of fluid mechanics, without presenting any evidence of a ban against her enrolment. Thus far, none of the authorities I have enquired from have provided me with an answer based on the law. For your information, in the course of repeated inquiries from the relevant authorities since the beginning of the academic year, while respecting the hierarchy of the administrative process, including making inquiries from Herasat, the university president’s office, the Office for the Review of Complaints at the Ministry of Science, and the division of Sanjesh for placement of professors and students, as well as the organization’s office of the vice president, Mr. Tavakkoli, have all refused to respond to me, only stating that, “it is not possible to enrol your daughter”, without presenting or relying on a shred of legal evidence.

Therefore, I ardently request that you convey the above to the ministry so that with your assistance and that of the respected minister, my daughter will be able to pursue her education like the rest of the people in Iran, whose Constitution upholds the legal right to education equally for all Iranians.  I hope that with your assistance she will be able to start her studies in the second term of the current academic year.


With gratitude – Guardian of the student, Faramarz Naddafiyan Ghamsari


17 Bahman 1385 [6 February 2007]

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The original of this letter was delivered to Dr. Nasr Isfahani, and he promised to convey the contents to the minister.