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16 Aban 1318 [8 November 1939]

The Honourable Cabinet Ministers of the Country of Iran,

I would respectfully submit the following. Yours truly, Enayatollah Bonyadian, entered into a marriage contract with Monireh Shahidi in Mordad 1317 [July 1938]. According to the national laws, I took the marriage certificate on the stipulated date to the notary public of Qamsar, where I reside, to register my marriage. That office, on the pretext that such a marriage is according to the Baha’i precepts, refused to register it. As a result, I took the certificate to the Office of Registry of Deeds in Kashan and forwarded a copy by registered mail to the National Office of the Registry of Deeds, and sent a report to the Ministry of Justice and also to the National Registry of Personal Status. Thus I have divested myself of any legal responsibility.

Some time ago, the magistrate of Kashan summoned me, inquiring the reason for not having registered my marriage with the notary public; therefore I was prosecuted, and every day they are persecuting me. As mentioned above, on the appointed date I took the marriage certificate to the special office for marriage registry of Qamsar, and because of its rejection, I took it to the respected Office of Registry of Deeds of Kashan and the respected National Registry of Deeds Office, thus divesting myself of personal responsibility.

What crime have I committed? If someone is a believer in the Baha’i Faith, what can he do? He cannot go against his belief and adopt the religious customs and ceremonies of others; yet at the same time he is fully obeying the country’s law [of marriage]. A Baha’i, as per the instructions of his Lord, would not deviate from the laws of the government to the extent of a hair’s measure. The religious beliefs have nothing to do with the laws of the country. I plead and adjure you by your own sacred conscience to pay attention to my statements and do not let these disturbances continue any further.


Enayatollah Bonyadian

Address: [Redacted] Enayatollah Bonyadian


[Stamp:] Registered at the Office of the Prime Minister

Number: 10343

Date: 19 Aban 1318 [11 November 1939]    

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19 Aban 131 [11 November 1939]