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May I be a sacrifice to my loving and compassionate father, from the bottom of my heart,

When I tried to hide the secrets of my heart from you, I could not bear it anymore. So I decided to share with you a very brief overview of my inner emotions so that you are assured and will always be aware that not a moment nor a second has passed that you have not been or will not be in my mind. Should you look at the past, it has always been the same way. Even though we might have had some discussions, surely, now you know that it was also from sincere affection. I hope that God will keep in your remembrance this broken-winged, feathered prisoner, whose heart is throbbing inside this prison cell, and [know that he is] longing for your forgiveness, to succeed in compensating for the past. No matter how hard I tried to overcome my feelings, I was unable. Both my pen and my tongue proved inadequate to express your loving ethics and humane deeds. I found it more appropriate to end the letter, lest I cause your beloved heart any pain. May I be worthy of [the] profound love and radiant emotion that emitted from your sincere and pure conscience. Kindly convey my regards, from deep in my heart, to [my] dearly beloved mother.

I ask God to confirm you and bring you heavenly success

Your imprisoned son, Ehsan [signature]


My dear sister, dearly loving Zarrin, may my soul be a sacrifice to you.

You are the dearest of all to me. You have certainly been informed by now that I have been deprived of the blessing of freedom for over six months, without committing any crime or sin, trapped like a bird in a cage. During this critical situation of the country, when everyone is thinking about protecting their home and family, I only see my wife and children twice a week for ten minutes, and even though my whole being longs to be with them and to embrace them, I have no choice but to hear their pleasant voices through the glass window, by telephone. However, I am satisfied and thank God with humility and gratitude and surrender myself and my will to the will of God, never desiring what He does not desire for me. I patiently endure with an assured heart and enlightened spirit. We have a joyous time with the other members and friends here. I sincerely ask that dear [one] of my heart and soul not to worry about me, not even for a little, and with that pure heart and radiant spirit of yours kindly pray to the heaven of divine judgement and offer prayers on my behalf.

My beloved, as you have constantly been educating the children about the rose garden of unity and have succeeded in this path, I expect that you will not deprive my children, who are indeed like your [spiritual] brother and sister, of the same gift, and hope you will protect them under your loving care. I ask all the friends for sincere prayers. Please give your loving mother my heartfelt greetings.

Your brother in prison, Ehsan[ollah] Mehdi-Zadeh [Signature]