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Date: 29 Farvardin 1363 [18 April 1984]

With greetings, owing to the fact that the Ministry of Health had announced that physicians must obtain new permits for practicing medicine, I had a discussion with Mr. Sharifi, the esteemed public prosecutor of the City of Gonbad-e-Kavous. He said, “I have told them to give you the things that are needed.” He also said I should go to the Ghods building and get them.

I came to you, Brother Hashemi, who are in charge of Ghods Prison, and you promised to give them to us. After my coming and going and calling on the telephone every day, you told me again that I should bring a letter from the public prosecutor’s office. I went to the public prosecutor’s office. Mr. Taghavi, assistant prosecutor [of area] 3, gave me a letter and told me to give it to Brother Hashemi. I did the exact thing. It is now one month since I have either been going to the Ghods building or calling you to talk to you directly, with little success. Every time, they say he is not here, he is on a business trip, or he is in a meeting. Finally, two days ago, I called Brother Taghavi and told him about the situation. He said, I gave you a letter so that they would give you what you need; go to Brother Hashemi, he will give it to you. Anyway, you are aware of the situation.

It is now two months since the Ministry of Health made an announcement regarding obtaining new permits for medical practice and not much time is left before the deadline. We still need to do so much. It is quite urgent, and time is running out. At any rate, Brother Hashemi, you are respected by us. Please do not harass us so much. Our nerves and souls are already under great pressure. Please understand our situation. Here is the list of what we urgently need to get a new permit.

  1.  Medical certificate
  2.  Medical permit
  3.  Lease agreement for medical office
  4.  Academic file of Afsaneh Tashakkor (for getting the diploma)

If you will kindly give us the other items, I will be grateful. However, they are second priority, even though they are also needed.

Please inform me of the receipt of this letter by telephone.

Forgive me to troubling you.

Family of Dr. Tashakkor


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

Received and read

H. Madani, 29 Farvardin 1363 [18 April 1984]