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In His Exalted Name

Islamic Republic of Iran




Investigations have revealed your affiliation with  the perverse Bahai sect, and with reference to order number 7560, dated 10/10/59 [31 December 1980], of the respected Ministry of Health whereby it cites Articles 6, and 14 of the State Employment Act and Social Security, your initial employment has no legal grounds.  Accordingly, effective 1/11/59 [21 January 1981], your services with this network and its [infirmary] units will no longer be lawful. Obviously, should you reject your affiliation with the above mentioned sect, you may attend [the Office] and fill out the related application to appeal this decision.


Dr. Ali-Reza Haghani

Head of the Infirmary Network of Babol





The Regional Health Office of Mazandaran Province, for information

Human Resources, to cancel the original employment agreement based on the above decision