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Executive Headquarters under the Directive of the Imam (May his soul rest in peace)

Treasury and Properties Office

Head Office of Fars, Kohgiluyeh, and Boyer Ahmad


In the Name of God


Date: 2 Tir 1390 [23 June 2011]

Number: N/173/92470

Enclosure: ------


Respected Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolutionary Court, Dana


With respect, pursuant to letter number 60617, dated 4 Khordad 1390 [25 May 2011], and with gratitude for the follow-ups you have undertaken in regards to the properties in the Village of Kata, the subject of court order number 1658, dated 29 Farvardin 1373 [18 April 1994], we inform you that we have taken action to renew the rental of the relevant persons in coordination with the Islamic Council of the aforementioned village.  Therefore, given that some of these properties have been taken over by individuals who are not [party to these contracts], we request that you instruct [your office] to provide appropriate assistance in order to end the [unauthorized] take-over and return the properties to the farmers who are party to the contract, [whose names are] as follows, while, at your discretion, observing all relevant considerations and aspects.

Faramarz Afshin, Malek Hadianpour, Hamdad Charzeh, Karim Bighalleh, Ahmad Afshin, Barghali Bouyeh, Faramarz Afshin [listed again], Fereidoun Yahyanejad, Nourali Delavari, Kayvan Delbazinia, Jamshid Paboud, Saham Ravanbakhsh, Ghodrat Afshin, Ahmadollah Dadijou, Zolfaghar Rasti, Vali Solhjouyan, Keshavarz Afshin, Sirous Solhkhah, Ghizan Delbazi Moaddab, Marhamat Afshin, Ayyaz Razanikhou, Naghdali Boyer, Avaz Charzeh, Shokrollah Delbazi Moaddab, Farhad Tevassolinejad, Ali Solhjouyan, Rostam Afshin


Ali Gholami


Director General of the Representative Headquarters in the Provinces of Fars, Kohkilvieh, and Boyer Ahmad



Mr. Jamadi, Director General of the Ministry of Justice, Province of Kohkilvieh, and Boyer Ahmad

With thanks for your information.

Address: Shiraz – Ghasredasht Street – Shahid Motahhari crossing (previously Zargari), phone 0711-6263688-6271497, Namabar: 0711-6264439, postal code: 71867, email [email address in English]


[Handwritten note in the middle of the page:]

Mr. Ghasemi, respected Assistant Public Prosecutor, given that the respected Public Prosecutor is on vacation, please follow up on this matter as soon as possible and take the required decisions.

[Illegible] Head of Department of Justice, Dana