[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Book number: 240


Department of Telegraph of the Eminent Government of Iran

Year: 1306 [1927]

From: Rasht

To: Tehran

Receipt number: 5281

Telegram number: 366

Quantity of words: 34

Original date: 13

Descriptions: -----

Date received: 13 Khordad [4 June 1927]

Addressee: -----


The honourable Prime Minister National Constitutional Assembly Ministry of the Interior Ministry of Justice Ministry of Education Sublime Dr. Mosaddeq Seyyed Yaqob Dashti-Qazvini

For the last 14 days, I have taken refuge at the Telegraph Office. Mercifully respond to the telegrams imploring justice (referring to the slaying of Aminol-Olama Ardabili).

I am waiting [for a response]


The Head of the National Livelihood Office, [Stamp]

[Stamp:] Receipt by the Office of the Prime Minister]

[Date:] 14 Khordad 1306 [5 June 1927]


[Handwritten note under the letter]

It has records with the [Illegible]