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San‘ati and Ma‘dani Bank of Iran

[Date: 3/1326 ;( June 1947)]

Number: -----

Enclosure: -----


Confidential- Eyes Only


To be brought to the attention of the Honourable Mr Asadi, Chief Executive Officer of the San‘ati and Ma‘dani Bank of Iran.

Recently some developments have occurred which are very interesting and worthy of notice in the progress of [certain] factories such as an increase in production and satisfaction of workers:

From the beginning of the appointment of engineer Mr Shahid Zadeh as the director of the factories in Shahi, which was also your wish, factory production increased by threefold and the workers were happy the way it was managed. From every aspect, [including] the topics such as the formation of [work] groups, wasting of the government’s funding and a stop being put to the removal of  machinery and equipment, and it was thought that in a short space of time all destruction and past losses would be compensated, just as when a lot of the machinery  parts were stolen or taken to be used in making weapons, and so forth.  With your special attention, machinery parts were received and started working again. However, as the factories in the North had been the source of misuse by the government and local people in the past, now with the current organization of the San‘ati Bank they cannot continue their misappropriation practices. All agree that the current head of the factories in Shahi is trustworthy, and they have therefore decided to adopt different tactics such as gathering workers outside the factories and provoking them, and often they find a cleric from somewhere and with the group of locals make religious propaganda against the Head of the factory and the Director of the bank.

What is certain is that a few days ago some people, with the help of some local government authorities, plotted to buy and sell the factories’ production; however, as they could not force the Director to agree with them, they started inciting the locals and even forced the workers not to permit some of their co-workers to enter the factories and then began a riot, in which they had some success. Whatever was necessary [to stop the unrest] was done and everything went back to normal. Currently, every day, a person by the name of Shaikh Jalal who is busy provoking people from the pulpit, and a local influential person — who has a record in this sort of mischief — have been summoned to the Provincial Governor-General’s Office and [as a result], the next day a group of people started demonstrating.  Their arguments and discussions are about religion and [they say] that there are a few Baha’is in the factories and [these Baha’is] should be massacred. This commotion was reported to the head of the local police force in Shahi, Colonel Fatemi, but resulted in not even the slightest reaction.  This is the same person who was the head of the police force in Shahroud and was responsible for the massacre of the Baha’is there.

Considering that the wish of his excellency Ashraf[1], Mr Ghavamol-Saltaneh, is to uphold law and order around the country, and given that every day you yourself give strict orders for the progress of the economy in factories, it seems that if no effective action is taken and the local governmental groups do not stop their provocation and a few local trouble seekers are not banished from this place, the future will be most grim. The situation is being brought to your attention so you can take action as you see appropriate. Finally I add that I am waiting to receive your instructions to return to my place of service.


Assistant of Factories in Shahi, Khazaie






[1] [Ashraf means “The Most Noble”, it is the title of Prime Minister Ahmad Ghavam; it was given to him by Iranian shah, Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi]