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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Shahid Beheshti University



Pardis Technical and Engineering Shahid Abbaspour


Date:  22 Farvardin 1395 [10 April 2016]

Number:  300-94-2134                                                     

Enclosure: -----




In the Name of God


Various Companies (Tehran County)

With greetings,

This is to certify that:

Miss Afrooz Zabihi, born to Bijan, holder of birth certificate number [redacted], issued in [redacted] born in year [redacted], national identification number [redacted], undergraduate student of engineering science in applied civil engineering—water and sanitation networks, day cycle, with student number 93235033, is an active student of this university, enrolled in the second academic term 94–95 [2015–2016].

This certificate is issued only for various companies and should not be translated; it has no other value.

This certificate is valid until 31 Shahrivar 1395 [21 September 2016]


Academic Deputy of the University



Shahid Beheshti University,

Pardis Technical and Engineering, Shahid Abbaspour,

College of Civil Engineering,

Water and Sanitation





P.O. Box 16768-171[illegible]

Telephone: 73931

Fax: 77310425