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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In Name of God



We, the signatories of this testimony, as the colleagues and customers of Mr. Vahid Mirza-Golpour holder of the guild permit of menswear union unit, confirm that the mentioned person’s business premises has been sealed. We have not seen anything but legal behaviour and honest work and our relationship with him has not been for his ideals and creed but because of his good morals, reputation and commitment. The sealing of his guild by the officers of the Public Places Supervision Department has surprised us and has added one more person to the community of unemployed people.

[Persian poem][1]

Therefore, we desperately ask you the officials, to take the necessary and urgent action to solve this problem.


Thanking you,


[Long list of signatures]



[1] [The original text is as follows: "‎ گر بدستت داد تیغ بران روزگار              هر چه می‌خواهی ببر اما مبر نان کسی"]