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Public number: 9929

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Ledger: 25

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The Prime Minister


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Date of writing: 10 Mehr 1316 [2 October 1937]

Date of fair-copy writing: 11 Mehr 1316 [3 October 1937]

Date of recording: 13 Mehr 1316 [5 October 1937]


Ministry of the Interior

A telegram from Tabriz, signed by Mahmoud Khajegan and nine others, has been received. They complain of the actions of Mohseni, who has issued a state order to send into exile a few of the farmers. This matter requires investigation, and of course you know that the banishing of people to exile should be done by a court order. It must be in accordance with the rules that have previously been [announced].

Also, communicate the results of the investigations.

The Prime Minister [signature]