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Omana Private Company

Date: 26 Shahrivar 1358 - [17 September 1979]


To His Honour Ayatollah Mahdavi-Kani, esteemed Head of the Central Committee of the Islamic Revolution

Respectfully, we inform you of the following.  On the 17th, 18th, and 19th of the current month of Shahrivar, the House of His Holiness the Bab, located on Shamshirgarha Lane in Shiraz, was demolished by a group of anarchists and trouble-makers who attacked it with premeditation, and caused injury to the hearts of the Iranian Baha’i community and others who live in more than 96,000 [sic] localities around the world.

His Honour is aware that the properties belonging to this corporation were seized and placed under protection pursuant to the decision of the Revolutionary Court of Tehran dated 18 Khordad 1358 [8 June 1979]. The Mostazafin Foundation, which was responsible for carrying out this duty, assigned responsibility for the protection and safe-keeping of this property to Engineer Alavizadeh.  But Engineer Alavizadeh, after visiting the location and seeing the afore-mentioned house and the homes around it, which were under the control of the local [revolutionary] committee, has even asked for the clothing of His Holiness the Bab.  So, unfortunately, despite the responsibility he had, he not only has not carried out the duty to protect the house, he has also prevented the Mostazafin Foundation from involvement in this issue after the representatives of our corporation went to see them.  As a result, a home that is holy to the Baha’is of the world has been destroyed and, furthermore, difficulties have been created for the residents of the homes around it, who are comprised of 200 needy Baha’is in Shiraz.  Given that the case regarding the demolition of this house has been transferred from the Prosecutor’s Office in Shiraz to the Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of Shiraz, we request that you issue an immediate order regarding the aforementioned matter, so that the representatives of the [Omana] Company can take immediate action to repair and protect the building and steps be taken to prosecute the perpetrators and bring an end to the case.

With expressions of respect,

Chief Executive Officer