[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 8 Azar 1318 [30 November 1939]


The respected Cabinet,

Humbly, I, Bohloul Sadeghi, holding birth certificate number [redacted], resident of Miandoab, married Mrs. Zebarjad Maghsoudi , holding birth certificate number [redacted], according to the requirements of the sacred Baha’i religion on 27 Azar 1317 [18 December 1938]. In order to fulfil my legal duty to register the wedding, I went to the local Civil Registration Office. However, that office refused to register our wedding.

Desperate, I referred the matter to the honourable position of the Ministry of Justice and relevant authorities. Unfortunately, [the Justice Department] prosecuted me instead of ordering the relevant office to register our marriage, and I came, with much pressure and trouble, under investigation by the public prosecutor of Maragheh. Is fulfilling the obligations meant to persecute the innocents? According to my sacred religion, I wholeheartedly and sincerely obey the country’s administrative and legal regulations. In matters of conscience, I follow my religious belief and I excuse myself from following the rituals and requirements of other religions.

With utmost respect, I request issuance of orders for the removal of my difficulties.


Presented by Bohloul Sadeghi, resident of Miandoab [Stamp]


[Stamp, recipient at the office of the Head of the Cabinet]

Number: 11904

Date: 24 Azar 1318 [16 December 1939]