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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Respectfully, I would like to inform you that this morning a person who introduced himself as an architect of the School of Theology of Shiraz came with a group of civilians and without having a court order from the relevant authorities, indicated that they intended to demolish our residential homes, which are owned by the Omana Company, in order to annex them to the School of Theology of Shiraz.  It is very sad that during the reign of the government of the Islamic Republic, a [group] arbitrarily acts in this manner.  We implore you to attend to this matter urgently and instruct them to stop harassing us. We would appreciate if you would kindly send the report of the outcome of your investigation to [redacted] .


On behalf of the Residents


[Copy to]


  • Engineer Mr. Bazargan, the Prime Minister of Government of Islamic Revolution Of Iran, Tehran
  • The Public Prosecutor General of Islamic Revolution of Iran
  • Head of the Omana Company


  • The Grand Ayatollah Agha Shaikh Baha’u’din Mahallati, Shiraz
  • Copy to the respected Governor General of Fars Province
  • Copy to Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor of Shiraz