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In the Name of God

20 Khordad 1393 [10 June 2014]


The Honourable President of the Special Court for Article 49 of the Constitution of Mazandaran Province

We, the undersigned, respectfully inform you that:

As we wrote in our letter of 5 Esfand 1392 [24 February 2014] to the esteemed director general of the Justice Department of the province―a copy of which was sent to the office of the court through Mr. Babapour for your information and perusal on the following day, and after a while we met you personally where you instructed us that each case file should be submitted to the court separately along with the documents―following your order, on 17 Khordad 1393 [7 June 2014], a number of us, the farmers in the Village of Ivel, who are living in Sari, acted on the basis of this instruction and submitted our letter to the court along with its attachments.

As you can see, most of the documents proving our ownership and physical presence during more than thirty years on our farms, when planting and harvesting were undertaken in groups, and we had always [in the past], and have now, undertaken our agricultural activities on our farms with the permission of the esteemed judge of the Kiasar Court and the supervision of the esteemed commander of the Poshtkuh police station [have been submitted]; therefore, in order not to repeat the multiplicity of paperwork, as well as [to follow the] guidance from the Court’s office, it was decided that, along with this letter, we would also submit to the court the rest of the documents that were not included with the [previously] delivered papers. We are requesting that you promptly comply with all current judicial laws in response to our claim, since we are rooted in the water and clay of our village in Ivel, and pave the way for the successful resolution of our many years of judicial pursuit.

It should be noted that each of us has a residential house and a warehouse full of straw and fodder, and livestock and farmland in the Village of Ivel. From the year 1362 [1983/1984] onwards we [have been prevented] from [living in] this village, and we have been pursuing our case in the judiciary until today. The evidence of this statement is the verdicts issued by the branches of Criminal Courts 8 and 9 in 1364 [1985/1986] and 1370 [1991/1992] convicting the instigators and perpetrators of the events, and the issuance of the verdict by Branch 5 of the Court of Appeals in the previous year. It is interesting that the same convicts confess to our ownership and the history of our ancestral residence in the Village of Ivel. Some of them are our family members, either by blood or by marriage, and we all have a single birthplace, which is the Village of Ivel. The copy of these rulings is attached.

Since the day of our displacement, they have aggressively occupied a part of our arable lands, known as Margov Sahra, and to this day they are in possession of it, and all its borders and boundaries have remained the same for more than thirty years. Because the locals themselves acknowledge that under current laws, these properties will be returned to their rightful owners at any time. Judicial action was taken in this regard, and the expropriation order was issued and executed, but again the aggressive seizure was carried out. This ruling is also attached to the papers. As  mentioned at the beginning, we have been in control of the agricultural lands of Ivel Village since the beginning of the displacement until today, and we planted and harvested the agricultural products of it every year, with the permission of the court and the supervision of the checkpoint. The ruling referred to by Branch 5 of the Court of Appeals in resolving the harassment of two persons, Nad-Ali Fallahpour and Seyyed Javad Derakhshan, which is related to the same lands, is attached.

We used our homes for temporary shelter during our stops to carry out the agricultural work, until in the year 1389 [2010/2011] all our houses, along with the barn full of straw and fodder and the cattle barn, were burnt, destroyed, leveled and excavated, and the traces of our ancestral residence in this village were erased. From the beginning to the end of the destruction, they quarantined the village and did not allow any of us to enter the place. We appealed to the legal and judicial authorities and filed a complaint, and a detailed investigation was carried out, which will be a long point to mention and is currently pending investigation in Branch 8 of the Court of Appeal.

In addition to the mentioned cases, some attachments will be submitted with this letter, and in view of all the above-mentioned, we request His Honour to keep in mind “God, Who is the Judge of Needs” and the “Sustainer of all His Servants”, in the matter of judgment and take into consideration a fair and just judgment, and issue judgment and the necessary instructions, based on what you deem to be in the interest of these servants of God.

We wish the success of all the well-wishers and the people of good-will, from God Almighty.


With utmost respect,

[Signatures of different people]