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In the Name of God

Date: 2 Azar 1393 [23 November 2014]


His Holiness, Ayatollah Mousavi Jazayeri

Friday Prayer Leader of Ahvaz, may his eminence be continued,

With greetings,

You are respectfully informed that Mr. Shamel Bina, son of Behjat, whose soul ascended to his Creator on 6 Aban 1393 [28 October 2014] at the Imam Khomeini hospital of Ahvaz, still remains in the morgue of that hospital after the passage of 26 days.

It should be noted that Mr. Bina’s remains, due to his allegiance to the Baha’i religion and that, due to the fact that the Ahwaz Baha’i Cemetery has been closed by the Ahvaz Municipality for almost a year, no measures have been taken in return, still remain in the morgue under unknown circumstances. This is in the context that several warnings have been issued by the morgue officials regarding the [illegible] consequences of this delay on the corpse and its disintegration.

This is irrespective of numerous warnings by the cold chamber personnel, listing the related [illegible] consequences, [such as] decay of the corpse and its decomposition. And, of course, continuous and complete information [has been provided] and grievances have been made against the authorities, such as the esteemed governor general, esteemed governor, esteemed mayor, esteemed members of the Ahvaz City Council, and even Your Honour, which have all been fruitless to this day. Not only has no one accepted the responsibility for addressing or alleviating the problem, but they have passed the responsibility [illegible] to others arguing that, “solution of the problem is not in our powers”.

It is requested that Your Honour, as the highest government and national authority within the Province of Khuzestan, by determining a plot of land for the use of a cemetery in the City of Ahvaz to this community, solve the problem of the deceased [Shamel Bina] and also [illegible] in the future.


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