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Date 10 Mulk 135 – 27 Bahman 1357 - [14 February 1979]

Number 539

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In the Name of Him Who is the Supreme Ruler over all that hath been and all that is to be,

To the esteemed Committee of Islamic Revolution, Zahedan, may God increase your confirmations.

With respect, the Baha’i Community of the Sistan and Baluchestan Province, hereby expresses congratulations, and proclaims its obedience, submission, and faithfulness to the government. The community wishes to share some of the beliefs and tenets of the Baha’is as below:

The Baha’i Faith affirms the truth of all of God’s messengers, upholds all heavenly books and divine religions with great respect, holds the leaders and Imams of religion as sacred, recognizes His Holiness Mohammad Mostafa, greetings and praise be upon him, as a Messenger of God and Seal of the Prophets and the Beloved of God.  Among all of the religions of the world, the Bahá’í faith is the only one that affirms the luminous religion of Islam and accepts the truth of the Prophethood of Khaírul-Anám[1].

Baha’is hold the interests of the country and its people dear to their hearts and are obligated to sacrifice [for them].  Baha’is consider it their duty to obey the government and the laws of the country and to preserve the order of society. Baha’is accept any responsibility necessary for ensuring obedience to the government and they follow the law, wholeheartedly and with great enthusiasm.

Baha’is are certain that the future of Iran will be in utmost glory, greatness, and prominence and all of the countries of the world will look upon Iran with respect.

In addition, regarding non-interference in political affairs they believe the following: “The measure of being a Baha’i or not is that, if anyone interferes in political affairs, or speaks or makes a move beyond his assigned duty, that is enough reason that he is not a Baha’i.”

May God increase your confirmations and success.

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From the Baha’i Community of the province- Fidros Shabrokh - Shoaollah Naimi




[1] [The Best of Names, it means His Holiness Mohammad]