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Honourable Engineer Mehdi Bazargan, Prime Minister, Provisional Government of the Islamic Republic


With expressions of humility and respect, and with broken hearts, we inform you of the following:

On Saturday, 17/6/1358 [8 September 1979], a number of residents of Shiraz attempted to destroy the revered House of the Bab, which is the object of extraordinary sanctity and for the Baha’is of Iran and the world.  Unfortunately, inquiries and appeals to the local authorities did not produce any effective action to prevent this unseemly act. The following day, namely Sunday, 18/6/1358 [9 September 1979], the attackers continued freely to finish their previous assault.  Hearing about the news of this heinous and heart-wrenching action will cause great sadness and despondency among a large number of people around the world.  Therefore, we insistently request from the Government of the Islamic Republic, which has repeatedly emphasized the need to preserve and protect the rights of all levels of society and the country’s minorities, to order that the destruction be stopped and its perpetrators punished.

The Baha’i Community of Tehran does not in any way wish for the reflections of such actions to, God forbid, cause a loss of reputation for the Government of the Islamic Republic.  However, what can we do?  This Blessed House is a point of reverence and adoration for the Baha’is of the world.  Whatever the identity and motives of the perpetrators and instigators of such an inhumane act, swift action to halt the violators [and prevent further destruction] would bring some relief to the emotional hurt being experienced by the believers.

We should also emphasize that we believe the God is watching, and we are confident of His retribution and justice.  At the same time, the solemn duty of referring the matters to the “authorities [who] have the mandate [to uphold law and order and protect the citizenry]” necessitates that we ask your honour to halt this injustice and enmity, and spread the umbrella of Islamic justice over this community.


The Baha’i Community of Tehran