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22 Aban 1358 [13 November 1979]


Tehran – Respected Islamic Revolution Council of Iran

Respectfully reporting that on 17 Shahrivar 1358 [8 September 1979] an irresponsible group of opportunists whose leadership was not known took upon themselves to begin destroying the home of his holiness Seyyed Bab and neighbouring houses located in Shamshirgaran Alley. The incident was cabled to local responsible authorities immediately. Destruction of the remaining places started again on 18 Aban 1358 [9 November 1979], continued on 21 Aban 1358 [12 November 1979], and is still going on to-date, 22 Aban 1358 [13 November 2979]. The situation has been cabled to local authorities.

It was expected after the first petition at the start of this act that proper orders would be issued to investigate this matter and to prevent the demolition of a building revered and considered holy by Baha'is all over the world.  The restart of destruction has caused a sense of alarm, because while the Islamic Revolution of Iran continues on its path towards progress, it is very surprising that opportunistic people – by taking actions contrary to religion and a proper way of life, religious law, and civil and state laws – are damaging the dignity of Islam and showing the world Islam, the Islamic revolution, and the Islamic Republic in a very negative light.

The eyes of thousands of people, in over a hundred and two thousand spots on earth from among one thousand six hundred and forty nationalities and tribes who are believers in the Baha'i Faith, pay attention to this place, the house of his holiness Seyyed Bab, and for that reason they praise and have high regards and respect for this country.  Is it not a pity that the thoughts of people who revere and respect Iran and Iranians are being altered towards the masses and the beloved country of Iran just because of the wrongdoings of some prejudiced zealots who behave contrary to the laws of the religion of Islam?

The Baha'is who by the laws of their religious beliefs are always submissive to the government and the regime, and avoid any participation in political affairs, are requesting an immediate order be issued to stop this action of ongoing destruction.

On behalf of the Community of the Baha'is of Shiraz

Dr Esfandiar Rowshan         Ziaollah Khallokhi