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In the Name of God

[Date:] 4 Farvardin 1358 [24 March 1979]


Respected Islamic Supreme Revolutionary Council of Iran

Copy: Respected and esteemed Prime Minister, His Honour, Engineer Bazargan

Copy: Respected Ministry of the Interior


With utmost respect, we wish you a blessed Festival of Now Ruz and would like to bring to the attention of that valuable personage the following: that we Baha’is, having a history of more than one hundred and fifty years, believe and fully accept the honourable religion of Islam, its Messenger, His Holiness Mohammad (peace be upon Him), and the Holy Imams. We have always obeyed the laws of the country and have sincerely served the government and the nation, and we have never interfered with political affairs under any circumstances, as we do not do now. We have no [political] relationship with any foreign government or country. Sadly and regrettably, based on past historical testimony, we have been subjected to all kinds of restrictions, and our lives and possessions have always been in danger at every moment.

Now that, by divine decree, the signs of a just Islamic government [illegible], the great leader, Imam Khomeini have become manifested, it is observed that some newspapers have levelled all kinds of accusations and defamation against this community. These [accusations], particularly in far-away areas, will lead to dangerous upheavals, where every moment [may] bring to the boiling point the zeal of fanaticism of the people, leading to unwarranted events. Therefore, it is requested that a solution be found such that these oppressed ones could, with confidence in the regime, and belief in the fairness of the Islamic government, be relieved of such dangers and restrictions, and in this spring season of freedom, enjoy rights equal to those of our compatriots.


Most respectfully,

On behalf of the Baha’i Community of Sarpol Zahab    

Signature: Keykavous Fahandej - Sani Saberi


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11 Ordibehesht 1358 [1 May 1979]