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Esteemed Prime Minister Mr. Mehdi Bazargan,

Respectfully, from the inception of the [Baha’i] faith one-hundred-thirty-five years ago until now, the Baha’i community in Iran has been the constant target of murdering, looting, harassment, and abuse by its countrymen.

Although they [the Baha’is] are the only [religious] minority which acknowledges the holy faith of Islam and its truth, yet they are being abusively harassed by Muslims, or those who pretend to be Muslims.

Although absolute obedience and subjugation to governments is among the fundamental and firm beliefs of the Baha’is, yet they face the unkind decisions of governments to be dismissed from posts in government organisations and offices. 

Based on scriptures of the Baha’i Faith, the standard of being a Baha’i or not is this: If anyone participates in politics and says a word or acts outside his [spiritual] responsibility, that is proof enough that he [or she] is not a Baha’i; no other reason is needed. Yet they [Baha’is] are accused without any reason or proof of having connections to domestic and foreign politics. 

Although they have absolute love and reverence for the holy land of Iran, and serving the country and its inhabitants is an honour for them, yet they are considered unfairly by detractors to be stateless. 

Although the Faith’s holy places were established over a hundred and ten years ago in Palestine, yet some interpret the love [of Baha’is], and their spiritual and intellectual attachment to those places as connections to the Israeli government and Zionism, which only came into being thirty or so years ago. 

Unfortunately—now that slogans about individual freedom, respect for minorities and their existence, as well as respect for carrying out the Charter of Human Rights, have spread throughout the nation and are repeatedly referred to by leaders in our society as the fruits of this revolution and are being promised to the world—it is noticeable that irresponsible people in the press, in order to defeat the revolution, divert it from the holy principles of freedom of human rights and unity of statements, and to smear Islamic justice, proceed to spread falsehoods and baseless accusations [against Baha’is] to excite the masses and, God forbid, incite them to sedition and corrupt acts, which will result in national shame before the world and history.

Thus it is that this community has no refuge or haven—after the One True God—other than high-ranking officials.  Considering the exalted goals of national solidarity and unity of statements which are aims of the government and the supreme leader of the country, His Holiness Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, may his blessings continue, [this community] is hoping to enjoy equal rights in all aspects of national policies, just like the rest of the population.  

Sincerely yours,

On behalf of the Baha’i Community of Mahan, [signature]