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Distinguished Governor General of Kerman Province,


With utmost respect, we convey that the [members of the] Baha’i community of Iran, since its foundation in Iran one hundred and thirty five years ago, has always been murdered and subjected to plunder and harassment by its fellow country-men.  Although they [Baha’is] are the only religious minority that accepts Islam and believes in its truth, they have constantly been attacked by Muslims and those pretending to be Muslim.  Although they [Baha’is] consider the complete obedience and submission to the government as their teaching and a binding duty, they have received unkind treatment by various governments [institutions] and have been dismissed from working in [government] organisations and institutions.

Although, according to the explicit writings of the Baha’i Faith, “the measure of being a Baha’i or not is that, if anyone interferes in political affairs, or speaks or makes a move beyond his assigned duty, that is enough indication that he is not a Baha’i”, they have been wrongly accused of involvement with internal and external political affairs.

Although they respect, revere and adore this country and consider the service to this land an honour, they have been accused, in a cowardly way, of “no national allegiance”.

Although the holy places of this religion were established more than one hundred and ten years ago in Palestine, the spiritual and sentimental love and interest of the Baha’is’ towards these holy places has been interpreted as [evidence] for the connection [of the Baha’is] to the government of Israel and Zionism—which came into existence only 30-some years ago.

Currently, that individual freedom has become the slogan used by people everywhere, and has been presented and promised to the entire world as the “consequence of revolution”. Unfortunately, it is observed that the irresponsible individuals intending to tarnish the revolution and deviating from the sacred principles of freedom, human rights and unity of goals, and in order to defame Islamic justice, are spreading lies and defamation in some newspapers, infuriating the masses and causing exploitation and sedition that [would] bring shame to this nation before history and world public opinion.

Therefore, this community has, except the one true God, no other refuge and protection but the rulers of this country.  This community, considering the exalted aims and points of view of the distinguished leader, Ayatollah Imam Khomeini—may his blessings last forever—and the government, which is the national unity and the unity of goal,  hopes to enjoy equal rights, similar to other citizens, in all the affairs of country.


With respect,


From the Baha’i community of Mahan



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19 Farvardin 1358 [8 April 1979]