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Dear Mr. Prime Minister of the Islamic Revolution of Iran


[We] cordially and humbly convey that it has been more than 130 years since the Baha’i Faith began in Iran. Its [adherents], following the exalted advice of its Founder, are approvers of the holy religion of Islam and believe completely in Prophet Mohammad, as Khátam’ul-Anbíá,[1] and its Imams.  Service to the world of humanity, love for the country, obedience to the laws of the government, non-participation in political affairs, and independence from foreign governments are considered by [us] as religious teachings.  Despite all these [principles], [we] have been subjected in the past to all types of deprivation, tyranny, and prejudice and [our] possessions and lives have been destroyed.  Unfortunately, different types of calumnies and allegations have sometimes been ascribed to [the Baha’is] in newspapers and publications, which provokes disturbed people and causes great danger across the country. 

At present, [under] the leadership of the distinguished Ayatollah-Imam Khomeini, this great revolution has materialized and the government of Islamic justice is dawning. [We have] complete [confidence] in the government and rule of Islamic justice, and [since] we have no shelter except the one true God, [and] we have no other refuge except the responsible authorities, [we] are hoping, therefore, that you [will] decide on a course of action that may prevent the incidence of these types of attacks and dangers for this sorely tested group; since it has been the decision and decision of the country’s leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, this community—similar to other members of this country—may enjoy the same equal rights.


With utmost respect,

5 Farvardin 1358 [25 March 1979]

From the Bahá’í Community of Kooshk





[1] [Seal of the prophets or the last of the prophets ]