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15 Dey 1359 [5 January 1981]

The Supreme Judiciary Council

With utmost respect, the following is submitted to you: It has been about five months since seven Baha’is from Hamadan were arrested and detained, and their trial started on Sunday, 14 Dey 1359 [4 January 1981] at the Hamadan Islamic Revolutionary Court. As stated in the rulings of indictment, the charges [against them] are nothing but [their] religious belief and [the fact] that they are Baha’is. They are not accused of any other wrongs. The fundamentals of Baha’i beliefs have been explained to the respected authorities on several occasions, and they are well aware of the wrongs and sufferings imposed on Baha’is since the inception of the revolution.   We appeal for your kind attention to issuing appropriate and prompt instructions to the Hamadan Islamic Revolutionary Court, based on implementing justice for these individuals, so that, may God forbid, no order against justice and fairness will be carried out.

On behalf of the Baha’i community of Iran



Hojjatol-Eslam Hashemi Rafsanjani, Head of the Islamic Consultative Assembly

Ayatollah Musavi Ardebili, Prosecutor General


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