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Urgent Telegram

Dated: 4 Dey 1358 [25 December 1979]


To the Esteemed Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution of Iran

Copy to: The Public Prosecutor of the Supreme Court

Copy to: Dr. Chamran, National Defence Minister

Copy to: The esteemed newspaper of Ettelaat

You are respectfully informed: Following our letter dated 27 Azar 1358 [18 December 1979], although according to all Islamic standards [about upholding] justice, and explicit statements that the honourable leader, His Holiness Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, has repeatedly issued regarding protection of the rights of all strata and minorities, and as the principle of equality of rights and abolishing of all undue prejudices and discrimination of beliefs, was ratified by the constitution, nevertheless, as published in the capital’s media, the officers [connected] to this minority are being dismissed from their positions. They, and even the retired ones whose salaries were deducted monthly by a certain amount for this purpose, are going to be deprived of receiving their pensions. Since these people have not committed any crime, and they have honestly expressed what was in their minds and consciences, they do not deserve to be subjected to such oppression as having their social reputation tarnished and their family affairs, families and dependents distraught and displaced. If those esteemed rulers do not wish for these people to continue their services, our immediate request is to arrange for the working servants to be honoured with retirement and the retired ones to receive their rightful pensions as before.

With utmost respect

On behalf of the Baha’i community of Iran