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Dated 23 Tir 1358 [14 July 1979]


Mr. Bazargan, Prime Minister

Islamic Republic of Iran

With respect and reverence, we wish to [state] that, further to our previous petitions regarding confiscation of the holy sites and other Baha’i properties and institutions, and with appreciation for the invitation of 9 Tir 1358 [30 June 1979] from a three-member committee on your behalf, the signatories of this letter presented themselves at the Office of the Prime Minister, and the committee, while listening to our petitions, brought up the complaint about the increased number of meetings. It was respectfully explained to them that this has already been communicated to all the Baha’is, time after time, both orally and in written form, and has been and is being fully complied with. Based on the request of the committee, copies of two memoranda issued by this community are attached for your further information.

Another point was [raised]about some improper statements attributed to a certain Baha’i youth. This was a cause of wonder and disbelief, because Baha’is, inwardly and outwardly and under all conditions, are [required to observe] strict obedience to the law of the state, and we have full confidence that they [would] never express anything to the contrary. They conscientiously avoid any insult or resentment and are well-wishers of all. Nevertheless, necessary warnings were issued to all members of the community, and in particular, to the person in question. Given all the [diligence], vigilance and care by this community, and its precautions, it is unclear why the respected authorities would perplex their minds with such false accusations. Unfortunately, however, the committee did not provide any answer to our petition regarding confiscation of the properties, possessions and institutions, brushing it off by saying that it is not the government who has taken these measures, and that the Mostazafan Foundation is completely independent, with no relationship to the government.

Our numerous attempts and petitions, which still continue, to various government authorities, have not availed so far. Recently, a group of unauthorized people forced their way into one of the important sites of this community, our national Haziratu’l-Quds, situated on Hafez Street in Tehran, a site which has been targeted numerous times in the past. Subsequently, they returned, and posted on the walls provocative slogans, utterly slanderous in nature, and installed a sign on the main entrance reading “Centre for Islamic Research”. Over the past few days, they have published and distributed insulting and fabricated statements against this community in the press and distributed flyers, openly inviting the public to come forward with false accusations against this community. In spite of numerous statements by Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, emphasizing that unlawful appropriation and confiscation of properties is forbidden in Islam, as well as the memorandum issued by the government in support of this statement, they have paid no attention. In addition to unlawful confiscation, they have even started taking from there furniture and other moveable properties belonging to this community.

We hereby submit our petition regarding these unlawful and illegal acts and request urgent action, kind consideration and appropriate order.

With respect,

On behalf of the Baha’i community

Dr. Hosein Naji

Manouher Ghaem-Maghami