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9 Aban 1358 [31 October 1979]


Respected Kayhan Newspaper


Copy to His Highness Ayatollah Ghoddusi, prosecutor general of the Islamic Revolution of Iran


We respectfully inform Your Highness that, in the Tuesday, 8 Aban issue [30 October 1979], that esteemed publication published a falsehood quoting the consul general of the Iranian Embassy in London, who mentioned the Baha’is as being among the groups opposing the government.  This unjust slander, which goes against the clear path followed by the international Baha’i community, like all of the other unfortunate insults that are being levelled against this defenceless community, has no reason other than spreading hatred and dissension.  Otherwise, it is clear that the followers of this spiritual community, for whom non-interference in politics and obedience to the government are a part of their religious conscience, will never participate in such an unsavoury act.  Therefore, while we strongly deny this false allegation, we urgently request that you publish the exact text of this telegram in accordance with the laws of publications in your newspaper, so that, perhaps, potentially unfortunate consequences from such ill-intentioned slanders around this country will, to some extent, be prevented.


From the Baha’i Community of Iran


Dr. Hosein Naji

Manouher Ghaem Maghami