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To His Holiness Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini,

Respectfully, we wish to convey that it is our belief that the prevailing anarchy and ever-increasing atrocity and injustice in all aspects of human thoughts and deeds, which is leading the current-day material civilization to the depth of destruction and extinction, stems entirely from the trembling and weakening of fundamentals in spiritual understanding and the denial of the vitalizing effects of the Divine Manifestations on humanity. 

The establishment of the government of the Islamic Republic brought a ray of hope to the hearts and souls of everyone, and especially to the wronged Baha’is of Iran, that, thank God, after a long delay, preparation for divine justice had finally been made. Alas, it did not take long for this hope to turn into dismay, and this longing for compassion into sheer distress. The wrath of hatred and rage from those utterly bereft of divine knowledge and discernment of the All-Encompassing Mercy descended upon this defenceless and innocent people, and resulted in dreadful outcomes and agonizing consequences, a few indications of which are outlined below:

  • All sorts of baseless accusations, defamation, calumny and allegations of political affiliations against this community;
  • Execution and killing of people for being Baha’i, particularly in the cities of Yazd, Tabriz, Tehran, Miandoab, Mahabad and Shiraz, the latest of which being the burning to death of a Baha’i husband and wife in Nuk, Birjand;
  • Demolition, destruction, burning and looting of homes, confiscation of properties, seizure and burning of agricultural crops belonging to the members of this community;
  • Exhumation and destruction of graves, prohibition of burial of the dead;
  • Occupation, seizure and confiscation of holy and historic places, properties and endowments belonging to this community, such as the Haziratu’l-Quds [Baha’i centres], hospitals, companies and even Baha’i cemeteries in various parts of Iran;
  • Threatening, intimidation, attacking and invasion of Baha’i homes and inflicting irreparable damages;
  • Dismissal of hundreds of honest and faithful Baha’i employees from government offices and affiliated organizations, merely for being Baha’is;
  • Detention and imprisonment of many, with no proof of any guilt or crime, in Shiraz, Hamadan, Yazd, Abadeh, Kermanshah and so on;
  • Coercion of people to denounce their faith and recant through aggravated assault and torture;
  • Abduction of 14 trusted and elected members of this community, concealment of their whereabouts and information about them;
  • Expulsion from cities and homes of hundreds of Baha’i families.

Your Holiness Imam Khomeini, all these atrocities are inflicted upon a group of people who have no recourse or refuge except for the One True God; who have no desire, no motive in their hearts but the unity of all people. A testament to this claim is the documents, papers and books that were forcefully taken from established Baha’i offices and homes, which, without a doubt, have been studied and carefully examined. They all bear witness to the honesty, trustfulness, purity, sincerity and desire for service to this sacred land and obedience to the government. It is not hidden from your discerning eyes that among the existing religions in the world, the Baha’i Faith is the only one that affirms and attests to the truth of the sacred religion of Islam, and that Baha’is, based on their religious principles, are strictly forbidden any political involvement; they are obedient to and respectful of the government of the time wherever they reside, and always endeavour with utmost sincerity to guard the well-being and protect the interest of the country in which they live. In the 22 months since the establishment of the government of the Islamic Republic, the Baha’is have successfully passed the test of honesty, purity and sincere obedience to the government and have never taken any action against it, nor have they uttered or written a single word against its interest.

Certainly you will not allow such atrocities and aggressions, which have no other outcome but the desecration and defamation of Islam and the weakening of human rights, to continue, and to put the lives and properties of people in such grave danger, and allow some ignorant souls, at the time when the country is more than ever in need of stability, unity and security, to stir lawlessness, through their cruel behaviour, and tarnish the dignity and sanctity of Islam in this country.

Your Holiness, tens of thousands of Baha’is in Iran, as well as Baha’is all over the world, eagerly await with high expectations your strict orders for the release of innocent Baha’i prisoners and the elimination of persecutions against these tormented people, and the exercise of Islamic fairness and justice towards the Baha’is.

This community extends its most sincere wishes for the ever-advancing progress and success of this sacred country and the beloved people of Iran.



On behalf of the Baha’i community

[Two signatures]


Address: P.O. Box 305 Tehran