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Urgent Telegraph

13 Aban 1358 [4 November 1979]

To His Highness, Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, Exalted Leader, respectfully submitted

With utmost humility and respect, we inform you of the following.  The torrents of calamities, deprivations and cruel accusations that are foisted upon the beleaguered and defenceless Baha’i community of Iran take on a new dimension every day.  Despite this truth, it is clear that obedience to the government and non-involvement in political affairs are a part of the religious conscience of Baha’is.  In recent days, the mass media, quoting governmental authorities, are most unfortunately accusing this community of opposing the regime and participation in demonstrations.  Given that we fear that, in addition to the undesirable reflection that this accusation has created in the hearts of our countrymen and the disunity and discord it has produced, it might also, God forbid, cause your great mind to be agitated and unfavourably affected against this spiritual community, which has no goal and wish other than peace and tranquillity and truthfulness and sincerity.  We urgently beseech you to bestow an opportunity upon the representatives of this community to meet and speak with you; or, alternatively, please assign a trustworthy person to investigate the situation and find out about the fundamental beliefs and spiritual goals of this community.  The people of Baha are continuously reliant upon the God of mercy, and give thanks and praise for what He has ordained.  They pray for the leaders of this government and ask for their success in carrying out justice and preventing injustice and enmity, as there is nothing more pleasing to God than this.

From the Baha’i Community of Iran

Dr. Hosein Naji                       

Manouher Ghaem-Maghami


Address: [Redacted]