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21 Aban 1359 [12 November 1980]


Once again, the tyranny born of the prejudice of a Muslim brother, who is responsible for one of the pillars of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Tabriz, caused a tragedy when he issued an order for the execution of Reza Firouzi, an innocent and defenceless Baha’i. This made the wounded, heavy hearts and sorrowful souls of the Baha’is—after the previous injustices—to be even more despondent and to experience deep loss. It made their hopes—[that authorities] would understand the reality and truth [of their situation], recognize the value of human rights, and provide fundamental freedoms and justice [for all Iranians]—turn into profound disappointment. This type of behavior, which is contrary to justice and freedom, is not only reminiscent of the tyranny during the Middle Ages, it also surprises people worldwide, and ultimately brings about the annihilation of respect for Islam, Iran, and the government of the Islamic Republic.

The Baha’i community has repeatedly expressed its heartfelt belief in Islam, its non-involvement in political affairs, its obedience to the laws of the land and to the present government. It has complained to authorities and has repeatedly petitioned for relief from the myriad hardships heaped upon it due to baseless accusations. Alas, unfortunately, our petitions for the realization of [our] rights brought about the opposite results and more wrongdoings by authorities.

Although our hearts are drowning in grief and burn with thoughts of all the killings, lootings, sorrows, and difficulties aimed [against the Baha’is], and silence under the heavy lashings of tyrants’ whips is unbearable, yet what can be done when according to our religious principles we are counseled to show loving kindness, even toward our enemies? Therefore, we leave them to God and pray for their well-being, hoping they will recognize the threat which continuing such inhumane activities poses to the country’s unity, Islam, the government, and people, and thus will take steps for the benefit of the nation and, in these times of crisis, respect the rights of other human beings as they do their own, and stop continually waving their whips of absolute power and authority over their defenceless and oppressed compatriots. And, in these days which the Pen of the Merciful in the holy Quran has named Muharram, may they avoid engaging in forbidden acts.  


[Stamp:] On behalf of the Community of the Baha’is of Iran

Community of the Baha’is of Iran



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