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Date: 29 Shahrivar 1359 [20 September 1980]

  1. Kayhan Newspaper
  2. Mizan Newspaper
  3. Ayatollah Ghoddousi, the Revolutionary Prosecutor of the Islamic Republic
  4. National Guidance
  5. Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani, the esteemed Minister of Interior


The following is respectfully conveyed:

On 27 Shahrivar 1359 [18 September 1980], Kayhan Newspaper and Mizan Newspaper published articles entitled “Discovery of Baha’i Team House” with false accusations, as seems to be the trend these days. Certainly these papers were unaware that:

The Baha’i community of Iran, which is the largest religious minority in this country, and believes in the truth of the holy religion of Islam, is fundamentally, based on its beliefs, prohibited from interfering in political affairs and carrying weapons, and that obedience to [its members’] respective governments is one of its obligatory duties. Anyone who violates these principles, objects to his government or utters a word related to political affairs, is not recognized as a Baha’i by the Baha’i community. Bearing in mind these fundamental principles, [the accusations of] establishing a team house, carrying weapons, publishing secret bulletins and resistance against the government of the Islamic Republic by the Baha’is of Iran are far from the truth and do not make any sense. These actions are hereby emphatically denied.

Moreover, in regard to the named newspapers’ having published that the Baha’is have referred to the instigators of a coup d’etat as martyrs, it is indicated for your information that the Baha’i community considers the wronged and innocent Baha’is, who have not had any involvement in political affairs, and who have been tried and executed unjustly and contrary to the rules of law and Islamic justice for having been wrongly accused of interference in such affairs, to be martyrs of its community.

As publishing this wrongful information about the Baha’is causes public agitation and disruption of order in society, it is requested that the issuance of such distorted announcements be prevented and unseemly acts of oppression and incitement against such an obedient and oppressed community be stopped.

On behalf of the Baha’i Community of Iran

Samimi [Signature]

For Majzoub [Signature]