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Honourable Engineer Bazargan, Prime Minister

Copy to Mr. Ahmad-Sadr Haj-Seyyed Javadi, Minister of Justice

Copy to Engineer Hashem Sabbaghian, Minister of the Interior

With utmost regret and sorrow, the Baha’i Community of Bojnourd was informed that the holy House of the Bab in Shiraz, which is a point of pilgrimage for the Baha’is in the five continents, has been destroyed.  Although the calamities and injustices brought upon divine religions will be conducive to an increase in the resilience of the believers, and will spread the flames of their faith in their hearts, we certainly believe that the perpetrators of these inhumane acts shall be held to divine justice in the next world.  History attests that during the last 130 years, they have been brought to justice even in this world, and they will be branded by the indignity of their actions in the legacy of their lives forever.  The Baha’i Community of Bojnourd expects that you will issue the necessary orders; first, regarding the identification of the perpetrators, and second, about the return of the aforementioned House.  Please do not allow any more injustice and cruelty to be brought upon these oppressed people in the sacred land of Iran.


From the Baha’i Community of Bojnourd

Abdollah Sabeti [Signature]

Manoucher Ruhi [Signature]

27 Shahrivar 1358 [18 September 1979]