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The Tarbiat School

Established in 1317


Number 3

Dated: 5 month [Illegible] 1303 [1924/1925]


The Honourable Haji Mahmoud Reza Khan-e-Vakil, the esteemed head of women’s education, may his fortunes continue,

Your Excellency’s communication regarding the grade nine students of the Girls’ Tarbiat School was respectfully received some time ago. The response to your letter was delayed as a result of the school’s [summer] holiday and most of the students’ spending time in summer residences.

Now, I would respectfully inform Your Excellency that two individuals from amongst nine students of grade nine of this school are ready to become teachers; their names are reported below:

Nosrat Khanum Sahihi, age 23

Maryam Khanum Al-e-Mozaffar, age 17

I believe that, another student, by the name of Fowzieh Khanum, who is over 18 years old, is also ready for this service. However, since she is not currently in town, it was not possible to enquire about her views in person.

Jalaliyyeh Khanum [Akhbarchi], age 21, who is a previous student of this school and obtained her nine-year study certificate last year, is also ready to become a teacher.

I take this opportunity to express my deepest respects.


Head of the Girls’ Tarbiat School

Badiollah Mesbah