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To the Esteemed Board [of Directors] of the [Baha’i] Institute for Higher Education [BIHE]


With respectful greetings and gratitude for your tireless efforts,

I, the undersigned, Badi Eshraghi, from Esfahan, completed my diploma in technology in 1385 [2006/2007] and through the guidance of the [Baha’i] community participated in the National Entrance Examination for the Technical Institute. Subsequently, I continued my studies towards a certificate program in the same field, i.e., drafting and industrial design, at the Shahid Mohajer Esfahan Institute of Technology. I was dismissed by the said Institute in the current month of Mehr [September 2008].

It should be mentioned that I had been expelled in Khordad [May/June 2008] owing to my belief in the Baha’i Faith, but because I pressed [the school authorities] to produce documents to support such dismissal, I was told that I could take the third term examinations. However, when the results were issued, I was marked absent on all the exams, based on which I was issued an academic dismissal.

Currently, I am taking necessary action; however, I have studied three terms in this Institute and have successfully completed general courses such as mathematics, literature, etc., as well as technical courses such as technical language, manual drafting, computerized drafting, geometry and calculus, etc. The fact is that because I had enrolled in a technical field, I do not have my pre-requisite transcripts, and at the moment I cannot access those records. As you are well aware, after obtaining a diploma one can try to study in university for two years, after which, if the candidate is not successful, he has to report for military service and technically cannot enter university until completing military service or receiving an exemption therefrom. After my dismissal, my records and documents were directly sent from that institute to the Military Services Bureau, and as such, I cannot legally access those transcripts.

Now, I ardently request the Board to consider my special circumstances and, if possible, direct me to the [specific] fields of study in which I may be able to study in the BIHE. Should such opportunities not be available to those who have studied in technical institutes, I request that the reasons be provided in a clear and factual manner to these individuals through the representatives of the [BIHE] throughout this blessed country, as most of them are not familiar with the possibilities, opportunities, situation and line of action of the community in this regard and attribute other issues to it which are not very pleasant to mention here [sic].

I thank you for your efforts and good intentions,

Badi Eshraghi