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Wednesday 19 Ordibehesht 1358 [9 May 1979]

To the esteemed Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani,

May his exalted, protecting shadow live eternally

With utmost respect and reverence, we inform you that, within the past twenty-five days, on the instructions of Khodayar Tahmouresi and Amir Houshang Bahador, and under the supervision of Habibollah Bahador, the residents of Meymand and Pataveh, in order to cover up past actions and conduct, have made two thousand poor Baha’i souls of Kata and Boyer-Ahmad into scapegoats and have attacked and looted our belongings and set on fire and demolished our houses. Habibollah Bahador claims that he has a fatwa [decree] from Ayatollah Malek-Hoseini of Yasuj that they should either pillage and kill us, or we must leave that area, which is the place we have been living and farming from the time of our forefathers. Although we have complained endlessly to different authorities, we have not yet achieved any satisfactory result; neither has any preventive measure been put in place. It is four days since they have surrounded our huts, and no one can leave the house. Our many thousand cattle and livestock, which are in the sheepfolds, are even at risk of perishing.

We, the sixty signatories to this letter, have escaped overnight and have come to the capital city to appeal to you as the head of all Iran’s committees. We are turning to your authority and earnestly appeal that you issue strict instructions for preventing these trespasses and prohibiting these injustices, that we may continue our daily life and business over there. We pray for the continuity of your existence.

With utmost respect

[Signatures and fingerprints]


Address of the senders – [redacted]