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[Personal information has been redacted.]




[Date:] 28/8/1318-[20 November 1939]


To the respectable Cabinet, May its glory continue,


Respectfully I bring to your attention [the following]: I, Asadollah Mogharrabi holder of birth certificate number [redacted] issued by the Office of Statistics of [redacted], resident of Najafabad, intended to get married some time ago. I went to the Notary Public Office of Najafabad but they did not accept it [to conduct the marriage] as I wanted to have a marriage according to my Baha’i religion. Then I married according to my own religion and took the deed [of Baha’i marriage] to the Marriage Registry Office of Najafabad to have it registered. They did not register it and kept the deed. I sent a letter explaining the situation with two copies of the [marriage] deed to the Marriage Registry Office of Isfahan explaining the background. There was no answer. I sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice and Census and Personal Status Office of Tehran. For some time now the Department of Justice of Isfahan has been repeatedly summoning me, harassing me and causing me trouble and loss. I do not know what their intention is. I have not committed any crimes, offences, or treason. I have and will behave in accordance with my religion’s principles which are truthfulness, honesty, service, and obedience to the sovereign government and authorities. I request that [these government agencies] be ordered to leave me alone so I can live my life, conduct my business affairs, and be a well-wisher of the government.


With warmest respect.

Asadollah Mogharrabi is correct


[At the end of the letter-stamp of received at the Office of the Prime Minister]

Number: 11228

Date: 10/9/1318-[2 December 1939]

Mr Ameri