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[Personal information has been redacted.]


18/8/1318 [10 November 1939]


To the Respected Members of Cabinet


I, Amir Malaie, holding birth certificate number [redacted], resident of Miandoab, married Firouzeh Hajivand, birth certificate number [redacted], according to the ordinances of the sacred Baha’i religion, and in order to perform my legal responsibility to register the deed of marriage, I went to the local Marriage Registration Office. They refused to register it. Therefore, I contacted the respected Ministry of Justice and other relevant departments; but instead of giving orders to the relevant office to register the deed, unfortunately, the public prosecutor of Maragheh [put me under investigation], causing me headache and trouble. Should performing [one’s] legal responsibility result in punishment of the innocent person?  In fact, according to my religion, when it comes to the affairs of the country, most of the time I am obedient. However, when it comes to affairs of conscience, I follow my religious beliefs and I am excused from following other religions ceremonies. With utmost respect, I beg you to arrange that the troubles be removed from this humble person.


Amir Malaie



[Stamp of receipt by the head of the Cabinet]

Number: 11957

Date: 24/9/1318 [16 December 1939]