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[Personal information has been redacted.]


15 Azar 1318 [7 December 1939]


The Respected Head [Prime Minister] of the Eminent Cabinet 

Respectfully, I bring to your attention the following: I, Ali Naiemian, holding birth certificate number [redacted], from [redacted], married Bahiyyeh Goharian, birth certificate [redacted], from [redacted], on 2 Ordibehesht 1318-[23 April 1939], according to the sacred Baha’i religion ordinances. Due to my legal responsibilities to register the marriage, I went to the local Marriage Registration Office. The mentioned office did not register it. Therefore, I contacted the necessary authorities for help, and instead of giving orders to the Marriage Registration Office to register the deed [of marriage], the public prosecutor of Maragheh [ordered me to be investigated,] causing harassment and putting me under a lot of pressure. Should innocent people be punished for performing their legal responsibilities? In fact, according to my religion, when it comes to the affairs of the country, most of the time I am obedient. However, when it comes to affairs of conscience, I [act] according to my religious beliefs and I am excused from following other religions’ ceremonies. With utmost respect, I beg you to arrange that the difficulties be removed from this humble person.


Ali Naiemian

[Signature] 15 Azar 1318 [7 December 1939]


[Stamp of receipt by the Office of the Prime Minister]

Number: 11953

Date: 24 Azar 1318 [16 December 1939]