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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Judiciary System

Court of the Administrative Justice


In the Name of God


Date: 23 Mehr 1393 [15 October 2014]

Number: 9000-211-71281-200

Enclosure: Included


Praised be Mohammad and His family [Islamic prayer]


Dear Mrs. Tara Nikkhah,

Address: [Redacted]

Post code: [Redacted]

With greetings and best wishes,

In reference to your letter dated 8 Mehr 1393 [30 September 2014], you are respectfully informed that, according to Article 16 of the Court of Administrative Justice Code of Procedure, in order for this office to investigate your complaint, you must submit your letter under the required legal procedures to the central secretariat office or the provincial offices of the Court of Administrative Justice. Obviously, consultation with a lawyer before preparing your complaint would be useful in upholding your rights. Consequently, your letter is returned to you.


Ali-Akbar Bakhtiari

On behalf of Deputy of the Court of Appeals Advisor and the Chief Executive Officer of the Administrative Justice Court