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23 Aban 1358 [14 November 1979]


Hojjatol-Islam Hashemi Rafsanjani, Head of the Ministry of the Interior, exalted be your station


With expressions of respect, in this sensitive situation, when the sacred country of Iran is in great need of calm and unity and oneness, unfortunately, we observe some unsavoury individuals instigating certain actions that will, no doubt, arouse the aversion of the exalted leader of the people, His Honour Imam Khomeini, and other government authorities, as they surely do not wish to see such unjust actions create fear and terror in the hearts of the citizens and cause them to become disappointed and despondent.  For example, five months ago, one of the members of the Baha’i community, by the name of Mohammad Shaykh Movahhed, was kidnapped by some agents, and unfortunately, no matter how much we tried through various means, we have not, so far, obtained any results.  Now, after the previous kidnapping, on 20 Aban 1358 [11 November 1979], Dr. Alimorad Davoudi, retired professor of the faculty of philosophy in the College of Literature of Tehran University, who was one of the experts and authors of the country, with numerous publications, and is a member of this community, was also kidnapped.  No matter how much his relatives have searched for him and appealed to various authorities, thus far it has not been fruitful.


On the other hand, as you were previously informed, a while ago, a few opportunistic individuals undertook to destroy the house of the Bab, located in Shamshirgarha Lane in Shiraz, which has been a holy place for the Baha’is in more than 102,000 localities across the globe.  Our community took immediate steps to submit complaints, and with the actions taken and the appeals to the relevant authorities, the destruction stopped to some extent, until, finally and unfortunately, again last Friday, during the celebration of Eid al-Ghadeer[1], a number of those same individuals attacked the holy house and destroyed the rest of it. 


These actions have taken place repeatedly in the last few days; because of them, sound and fury have spread to other places, both in Shiraz and other parts of the country.  The agents of chaos and discord intend to attack the homes and places of the Baha’is during these days, and particularly during the month of Moharram and the days of mourning, by inciting the crowds, to attack the homes of the Baha’is and create similar disasters as in the past year.  Given the above events, it appeared appropriate to inform you about what has happened so that your honour might issue strict orders regarding the listed items, so that the kidnapped persons will be returned to their homes and the worries of their families and of this community will be alleviated.  [In addition,] regarding the rumours that are being spread, please issue a clear order that preventive measures be taken, both in Shiraz and other areas, so that any [other] such unfortunate events will be prevented.


In closing we hereby express our gratitude and appreciation for your assistance and attention.


With respect,


[1] [Eid al-Ghadeer:  The event of Ghadeer Khumm took place in 632. Shia Muslims believe this event to have been the official appointment of Ali as Muhammad’s successor.]