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20 Shahrivar 1358 [11 September 1979]


Prosecutor’s Office, Shiraz

With respect, I wish to inform you of the following.  On 17 Shahrivar 1358 [8 September, 1979] at 11 am, about 150 individuals, 30 of whom were armed and from the Mehdiyyeh Committee, accompanied by Mr. Haj Sharif, an employee of the Office of [Islamic] Endowments of Shiraz, two members of the clergy, Mr. Toubaie and Mr. Hashemi, and also Mr. Asadpour from the Mehdiyyeh Committee and Mr. Memar Shomali, [caused property damage]. With prior planning, organization, and coordination, and with demolition tools such as shovels and axes and so on, which had been brought by the Mayor’s Office vehicles to the place of attack, located in the Shamshirgarha Lane, these individuals then went to house number 2345/2346 of Section 3 of Shiraz, known as the House of the Seyyed-e Bab and to the adjacent homes-- all properties of the Omana Corporation, of which I, Abdol-Hosein Taslimi, am the Chief Executive Officer. They attempted to enter and destroy these buildings and remove the doors and windows, most of which were antiques. They also threatened the residents of the adjacent homes with eviction, destruction and numerous other harassments.  From that day until now, the workers of Mr. Memar Shomali, illegally continued to enter and destroy the aforementioned buildings.  Given the above explanations and the fact that the actions taken by the aforementioned individuals are against legal principals and rules and are therefore criminal, we request the prosecution of their instigators, leaders, and perpetrators for demolition, theft and unlawful possession.  I also request swift action to prevent these actions and the means provided to protect the lives and belongings of the employees and workers of this corporation and the residents of the Shamshirgarha Lane who are continually being threatened.  In addition, Mr. Ghodratollah Ghodrati, the lawyer for this company, who reported this matter to the company, together with Mr. Kourosh Talaie, another employee of this company, witnessed the unlawful actions by the above-mentioned individuals and have signed this complaint letter.

The evidences and documents are as follows: 1- Copy of the deed of ownership, 2- Evidence of my position, Abdol-Hosein Taslimi, as the Chief Executive Officer, 3- The official civil power of attorney of Mr. Ghodratollah Ghodrati, 4- Examinations and investigations.



Also sent to the Police Station, branch 3, for investigation and report of results

From the Prosecutor General of Shiraz, Haghvardi



20 Shahrivar 1358 [11 September 1979]


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20 Shahrivar 1358 [11 September 1979]