[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]




30/8/1318 [22 November 1939]


The respected Cabinet, may its glory continue


I, Abbas-Gholi Ighani, holder of birth certificate number [redacted], resident of Nowrouzlo, married Mrs. Fatemeh Jalili on 16/3/1318 [7 June 1939], according to the sacred Baha’i religious ceremony.  To carry out my legal duties to register the marriage, I went to the local Marriage Registry Office. The mentioned office did not register it; therefore, I had to contact the Ministry of Justice and relevant departments and explain the situation. Instead of ordering the relevant departments to register the deed, unfortunately, the public prosecutor of Maragheh conducted an investigation of me, which resulted in lots of pressure and difficulties for me. Is doing [one’s] legal duty something that innocent people should be punished for? In fact, according to my sacred religion, I sincerely follow the rules and regulations of the country when it is related to civil and national matters, and I follow my religious beliefs when it is related to matters of conscience, and not the beliefs and teachings of other religions. Respectfully, I request that orders be given to stop harassing and bothering me. 


Address: [redacted] through Mohammad Hasan Eghtesady - Abbas-Gholi Ighani



[On the left margin of the letter, stamp of receipt at the Office of the Cabinet]


Date: 10/9/1318 [2 December 1939]