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[Personal information has been redacted.]


3 Tir 1366 [24 June 1987]


In the Name of God, the Provider, the Supporter!

Office [responsible for the] Removal of Public Obstructions


My name is Abbas-Ali Zareian-Jahromi. I was born in [redacted]. My identification number is [redacted], issued from the Department for Affairs of the Refugees of the Imposed War. I have a pushcart where I move around the areas of the Passport Department and the Military Hospital. I make my meagre living and [support] my family by selling a few cigarette packets and biscuits. On 21 June 1987, the agents of the Office [responsible for] Removal of Public Obstructions of District 4 gave me a notice that I should remove my pushcart and go from the area. [I went to] the municipality and met with Mr. Haji Rahimfar to find a solution [to my problem]. Thus, I would bring the following matters to your attention:

  1. I am over 70 years of age.
  2. Although I am a refugee of war, I am not under any [government] organisational care. I want to win my livelihood and that of my family with the help and guidance of the Almighty.
  3. I am still working while having stiches in my abdomen, which was caused by the removal of a prostate tumour.
  4. As to the above-mentioned matters, I would appreciate it if [my case] could be reconsidered and investigated so that I can manage to earn the livelihood of my family.

Seeking help from the Threshold of God,


Abbas-Ali Zareian


[Handwritten within the letter]

In the Name of God,

According to Article 55, Addendum 1, obstruction of public pathways is prohibited. If it is done by [illegible] there is no problem.

[Signature Illegible]

3 Tir 1366 [22 June 1987]