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10 Aban 1359 [1 November 1980]


To his Honourable Grand Ayatollah Khomeini, Leader of the Revolutionary Islamic Republic of Iran, may his blessings continue!


We respectfully inform you of the following.  On 30 Mordad 1359 [21 August 1980], a group of armed individuals arrested eleven persons, all heads of their households and took them to an undisclosed place.  Ever since that day and despite repeated inquiries from the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Revolutionary Islamic Republic and other esteemed authorities, no information has been available regarding where they are being held.  It would seem that the sole reason for the detention of these individuals is the fact that they are Baha’is.  Given that members of the Baha’i community have in word and deed proven their trustworthiness, faithfulness, and obedience to the government since the establishment of the Islamic Republic, and have truly avoided any opposition, scheming, or conspiracy, we beseech your Highness to order a proper investigation, make arrangements for their release, and allow the families of these individuals to know the location of their detention in order to visit them and find relief from their worries.


With expressions of respect


  1. Dr. Mahin Rohani, wife of Dr. Heshmatollah Rohani [Signature]
  2. Dr. Sorayya Abbassian Milani, sister of Dr. Yousef Abbassian Milani [Singnature]
  3. Noushin Naderi, daughter of Mrs. Bahiyyeh Naderi [Signature]
  4. Ahmad Khorasani Ghadimi, brother of Yousef Khorasani Ghadimi [Signature]
  5. Heshmat Ghaem Maghami, wife of Manouher Ghaem Maghami [Signature]
  6. Zhinus Mahmoudi, wife of Houshang Mahmoudi [Signature]
  7. Vahideh Mogharrebi, wife of Ataollah Mogharrebi [Signature]
  8. Norasteh Rahmani, wife of Ebrahim Rahmani [Signature]
  9. BaherehTaslimi, wife of Engineer Abdulhosein Taslimi [Signature]
  10. Jaleh Sadeghzadeh, wife of Dr. Kambiz Sadeghzadeh [Signature]
  11. Vajdiyyeh Naji, wife of Dr. Hoseing Naji [Signature]