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[Personal information has been redacted.]


This is a statement which was distributed in the marketplace and streets of Qom on 3 Ordibehesht 1323 [23 April 1944].


Awake, oh zealous, religious, wealthy and distinguished people!  At least make a movement; how long will you remain asleep?  How long will you remain asleep?  Praised be God!  What negligence is this that has overtaken you?  A couple of thieves have entered your city and are shamelessly nesting amongst you.  They are building places of propagation to steal your religion from you.  Before they become strong you can uproot them. Become united!  Drive away the enemies of your religion, the enemies of your reputation, and the enemies of your honour and dignity. [These enemies are] the Baha’is!  Do not be afraid, do not be feeble!  Your King is the Islamic king.  He considers himself the protector of the Quran.

On the first day of his reign, he promised not to dictate against the Islamic teachings, laws and the Jafari Sect[1].  Arise! Arise!  According to the constitution of the country, do not allow those who are against the Islamic religion to become employed by government [organizations].  Cooperate with each other [be united with each other] and be each other’s brother, that no one can overcome you!  Whatever actions you may take, be assured that God is with you.




[1] [School of jurisprudence of the 1t2th  Imam; Muslims named after Imam Jafar al-Sádiq, the sixth Shia imam]