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Islamic Republic of Iran

Head Office of the Department of Education in Semnan Province

Department of Education in Semnan


Number: 3635/9

Date: 31/01/1362 [20 April 1983]



In the Name of God,


Apprentice:  [Mr.] Leader Tebiyanian,


In reference to request dated 31/01/1362[20 April 1983] registered under number 28798–31/01/1362 we advise that:  Apprentice Leader Tebiyanian, son of Abbas, birth certificate number [redacted], born in 1344 [1365/1366]– is hereby expelled from the Shahid Abbaspour Technical Vocational School from 30/01/1362, as registered under number 3573–31/01/1362 for participating in activities that promote the Baha’i sect.




Director of the Department of Education in Semnan