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In the Name of God

The Islamic Republic of Iran

Head Office of Department of Education, Semnan Province

Department of Education, Semnan


Number: 9/8251

Date: 18/3/1363 [8 June 1984]

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Please refer to the number below when responding to this letter.


To: Mr. Leader Tebyanian

From: Department of Education, Semnan Province



In response to letter dated 29/2/1362 [19 May 1983], the following reasons explain why you have been expelled from the Vocational High School:


  1. According to written reports from a number of students of the Vocational High School, you are engaged in promoting activities for the perverse Baha’i sect (which is illegal in the School) and for spreading rumours.
  2. According to the reports we have received and despite the warnings issued to you by the [school] officials, unfortunately you have not refrained from your sectarian propagation and continued your vacuous and baseless propaganda.
  3. Based on the established regulations and guidelines, action has been taken to expel you.




Head of Department of Education, Semnan



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Four hundred units, block 205, left side, second floor.